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Miller Diversified’s 4-Day Work Week

Miller Diversified announces a compressed four day work week for employees.

Miller Diversified’s 4-Day Work Week

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Miller Diversified, a Toledo-based full-service commercial real estate and construction company, implements a four-day work week to champion work-life harmony and wellness. Miller Diversified has a 102-year-long history of being a leader in innovative thinking and creative solutions. Taking the cues from the workforce, the economy, and the planet, Miller Diversified is pleased to announce that the company is now implementing a four-day work week for our employees.  

The decision comes amid an increasingly competitive market for talent and a growing desire to maintain a healthy work/life balance for all of the company’s employees. 

We saw how the pandemic has profoundly affected our employees’ working lives,” explains Jesse Miller, Vice President of Business Development. “We believe the implementation of a four-day work week will help further empower our people to become more efficient and well-rested.”  

A History Of Innovative Solutions In the Real Estate & Construction Industry

Kurt Miller, President & CEO and third generation owner of Miller Diversified observes that the company’s strong suit has always been a willingness to evolve. 

“My father always said ‘If I would have been in the business of making buggy whips, and we didn’t change, we would have gone broke,'” Kurt said. “Our firm’s goal is to create the workplace of the future to accommodate the needs of the workforce while accomplishing our growth and efficiency targets and meeting client satisfaction. While the tech industry has already moved to these types of workplace accommodations, we have not seen in it in our industry.”     

How A 4-Day Work Week Works For Our Employees & Our Customers

When Tanna Parsons, Vice President of Administration and Human Resources at Miller Diversified presented the concept, there was skepticism. However, her research showed that the benefits for the employees, clients and the company have been positive. Following the implementation of this way of working, which started at the end of Spring 2022, Miller Diversified has already seen compelling benefits.

We are optimistic that this change will help develop a dynamic, flexible work environment that is suitable for the modern workforce,” Tanna said, adding that she is extremely excited to see where this new policy takes the company. 

“In this era where the understanding of the need for personal mental health is critically important, we need to be supportive in the wholistic needs of our workforce,” said Jerry Miller, Vice President, broker, and third generation owner at Miller Diversified. “By moving to a 4-day week, our goal is to address this important component and make for a healthier, happier employee who will in turn serve our clients and customers even better.”

As an added bonus, many companies who have switched to a four-day work week schedule have also experienced decreased overhead costs, such as utilities and supplies, and their employees spent less time sitting in traffic, which contributes to a decreased carbon footprint. With the Miller family’s deep background in farming, the company is always searching for ways to become more sustainable. Further, with a three-day weekend, there are more opportunities for our employees to exercise, spend time outdoors, or do other activities that improve their physical and mental health. 

Miller Diversified: A Commercial Real Estate & Construction Company That Works Differently 

Miller Diversified is a family-owned company, offering a variety of commercial real estate services, including development, construction, brokerage, property management, and a real estate investment fund. We have been in business since 1920 and our purpose is to respectfully build value and enrich lives across generations. For more information about Miller Diversified, please visit