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Miller Diversified Implements A 4-Day Work Week

Kurt & Jerry Miller are the third generation owners of Miller Diversified.

Miller Diversified Implements A 4-Day Work Week

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Miller Diversified is thrilled to announce a new initiative that will allow for a compressed 4-day work week. This new policy will allow employees to work forty hours over four days rather than five. We will be running this program through the entire summer from May 23, 2022 through Labor Day (Monday, September 5, 2022). If all team members enjoy this new arrangement, it will likely become a permanent formula for Miller Diversified’s work week.  

Why Implement A 4-Day Work Week? 

Miller Diversified is first and foremost a family company. We want our team to be happy and thriving and give employees the chance to have long restful weekends with their families. Companies that have switched to a 4-day week have shown remarkable results in the arenas of employee happiness and productivity. 

What does the work week look like now? 

All team members will be in our physical offices or on-site for our “core hours” between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday. This allows us to work together as a team and enjoy the benefits of personal team connection.  

The remaining 16 hours of the week will be “flex” hours for our team members, which allows them to work wherever and whenever they like, as it is convenient for each person. Employees who prefer to remain on a 5-day schedule may also choose to do so. This new structure will allow employees to have a more flexible work schedule, while also maintaining the office culture that is critically important to everyone at Miller Diversified. 

The four-day work week initially gained popularity in the tech community but has quickly grown to other sectors of the workforce.  

What are the known benefits of a 4-day work week? 

  • Happier Work Culture: This is our primary driver. Miller Diversified has a goal to create a positive work culture that is family-friendly and creates an environment where employees not only want to come to work, but delight in their day-to-day. Our core team hours allow us to enjoy time spent working together in person, our flex hours give people the ability to shift their schedule as needed, and our three-day weekends give people a needed break and adequate time to spend with their loved ones.
  • Decreased Carbon Footprint: Many companies who have switched to the formula experience decreased overhead costs such as utilities and supplies, therefore reducing the carbon footprint. The Millers have a deep background in farming, and by making this change, we hope to affect positive change for the land and our planet.
  • Focus On Outcomes, Not Hours: Our focus is on outcomes, not hours. By compressing our workday, we hope that our team members will feel empowered to become more efficient and think more about what they are producing.
  • Increased Productivity: According to Forbes, when Microsoft Japan switched to a 4-day week, they saw a productivity gain of 40%. This is important to us as a company because we want to do the best possible work for our customers. Happier and well-rested employees are simply better equipped to serve our clients and customers with better energy and positivity.

Miller Diversified has always focused efforts on positioning ourselves on the cutting edge of commercial real estate, a field that seldom sees change. “We are extremely excited to implement this new policy. We are trying to create a dynamic, flexible work environment that is suitable for the modern workforce” says Tanna Parsons, Vice President of Administration and HR.  

Are you interested in working for Miller Diversified? We are hiring a senior project manager for construction! Reach out to Tanna Parsons for details: