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Miller Diversified Celebrates National Women In Construction Week

Miller Diversified Celebrates National Women In Construction Week

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National Women in Construction Week is an annual event celebrated in the United States during the first full week of March. This event aims to raise awareness for the contributions of women in the construction industry and to encourage more women to pursue careers in construction. Miller Diversified will be celebrating National Women in Construction Week March 5-11, 2023. 

In addition to celebrating the progress made by women in construction, National Women in Construction Week also serves as a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure gender diversity in the field. According to the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), women currently make up just under 11% of the construction industry’s workforce. Despite being a male-dominated industry, the women on the team at Miller Diversified are dominating the construction game. Miller Diversified is almost half female, with many women in senior leadership roles at the company. 

“The women here are all independent hard-working multi-tasking women that not only are smart, organized, and tackle any task they are given, but perform their jobs with integrity, professionalism, and dedication, all with the never-ending willingness to help the team at a moment’s notice,” said Senior Project Manager Lisa Babich. “The support and positive attitudes here by these women are refreshing and help keep the company operating successfully.” 

Miller Diversified believes that the benefit of a diverse team is that every team member is looking at the project from a different angle, which is what has the power to make each project great.  

“It is unfortunate that the Construction and Real Estate Industry does not have the diversity that we believe is necessary and important,” said Kurt Miller, President & CEO of Miller Diversified. “Statistically only approximately 11% of the workforce in construction and approximately 36% in commercial real estate are women. Miller Diversified has made a concerted effort to increase our diversity and has nearly 50% of our talented workforce as women.”   

“It’s not as intimidating as it might seem from the outside to be a woman in the male-dominated construction industry,” said Project Manager Alyssa Taylor. “Most people are very respectful and even appreciative of the different perspectives that women are bringing to the industry. I’m proud to see the industry becoming more diverse and would encourage any woman interested in the field to dive in without hesitation.” 

To celebrate Women In Construction week, Miller Diversified is hoping to raise awareness of the current industry statistics, and inspire women who have an interest in construction to pursue the careers of their dreams despite what the numbers look like today. Miller Diversified also welcomes people from all walks of life who are interested in construction, as they are actively hiring in the construction division. 

“I cannot express enough how these hard-working, thoughtful, intelligent, and overall incredible women have made Miller Diversified a better company in serving our clients and a better place to work,” Kurt said.  “I am extremely grateful for these amazing women and their time and talent.” 

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