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What Is A Broker’s Opinion of Value?

Broker Opinion of Value

What Is A Broker’s Opinion of Value?

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Broker Opinion of Value

Understanding the Value in Commercial Real Estate 

In the ever-evolving world of commercial real estate, understanding the value of a property is crucial. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or investor, knowing the worth of a property can significantly impact your decisions and strategies. This is where a Broker’s Opinion of Value (BOV) comes into play. Let’s dive into what a BOV is and why it’s important. 

Q: What exactly is a Broker’s Opinion of Value? 

A Broker’s Opinion of Value, commonly known as a BOV, is an estimate provided by a real estate broker to determine the potential selling price or rental income of a property. Unlike a formal appraisal conducted by a certified appraiser, a BOV gives a quick, expert opinion based on the broker’s knowledge of the local market, current trends, and comparable property analyses. 

Q: How does a BOV differ from a formal property appraisal? 

The main difference lies in the level of detail and the purpose. A formal appraisal is a more in-depth analysis, often required by financial institutions for loan approvals. It involves a thorough inspection of the property and detailed market analysis. A BOV, on the other hand, is less formal and is typically used for initial evaluations, portfolio reviews, or for informational purposes to aid in decision-making. 

Q: What factors are considered in a BOV? 

A BOV takes into account various factors, including the property’s location, condition, size, and unique features. The broker also examines market conditions, recent sales of comparable properties,  investment property cash flows, current listings, and reproduction costs. Other considerations might include zoning laws, restrictive covenants, and external economic factors that could influence the property’s value. 

Q: Who typically requests a BOV and why? 

A BOV is often requested by property owners, prospective buyers, or investors. Owners might seek a BOV for a potential sale or to evaluate their property’s market position. Buyers or investors, on the other hand, might request it as part of their due diligence process to assess the value of a property they are considering purchasing or investing in. 

Q: How reliable is a BOV? 

While a BOV is not as comprehensive as a formal appraisal, it is a valuable tool in understanding a property’s market value. It is based on the broker’s expertise and knowledge of the market. However, for formal financial or legal purposes, a certified appraisal is recommended. 

Q: Can a BOV influence a property’s listing price? 

Yes, a BOV can significantly influence the listing price. By providing an estimate of the property’s value, it helps in setting a competitive and realistic price that aligns with the current market conditions. This is crucial in attracting the right buyers and ensuring a smooth sale process. 

Q: Is there a cost associated with obtaining a BOV? 

The cost can vary. Some brokers might offer a BOV as a complimentary service, especially if they are representing you in a sale or purchase. In other cases, there might be a fee based on the complexity of the property and the market analysis required. 


A Broker’s Opinion of Value is a vital tool in the commercial real estate realm. It provides a quick, knowledgeable snapshot of a property’s worth, aiding in decision-making and strategy development. At Miller Diversified Realty, we pride ourselves on offering expert BOV services to help our clients make informed decisions. For more insights and assistance in commercial real estate, feel free to reach out to our experienced team. 


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Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional financial advice.