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The History Behind The Object: Corporate Seal

The History Behind The Object: Corporate Seal

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When Miller Diversified was first incorporated in the 1920’s, things looked a little different. For one, we were operating under the name The Miller Farm & Greenhouse. And, as the name implies, we were a farming company. The object pictured above is called a corporate seal and was a very important piece of office equipment used quite frequently. Seals have been around in the business world for likely several millennia. They were used for purposes such as signing royal decrees and authentic documents. Fast forward to the 1920’s when having a corporate seal was still required by law to authenticate things such as contracts, and it’s easy to see why this is such an important piece of Miller Diversified history.

This piece of history served as entertainment for young Kurt and Jerry Miller. Their father, Norm, would take the boys to the office at times, and the two would pass the time by stamping stacks of papers with this corporate seal for hours. At the time, they didn’t realize they would one day be making their own mark on the company. They simply sought amusement when going to work with dad.