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Miller Diversified Launches Digital Tip Jar For 100 Acts of Kindness

Miller Diversified started Tip Jar 419, a COVID-19 initiative designed to support restaurants in the Northwest Ohio area during the height of the pandemic.

Miller Diversified Launches Digital Tip Jar For 100 Acts of Kindness

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Miller Diversified is kicking off a fundraiser called Tip Jar 419 that will gather and distribute funds directly to wait staff of local restaurants in the wake of COVID-19.

“I was looking for an immediate solution for people whose primary income is tip based,” said Michael Dean, Residential Consultant of Miller Diversified, who conceptualized Tip Jar 419. “After assessing the government aid programs being discussed, I thought these people were going to fall through the cracks, at least in the short term.”

Tip Jar 419 is being launched on the GoFundMe platform. The Miller team has set up digital tip jars where users can leave tips for the wait staff of three different local restaurants: Barr’s Public House, Local Thyme, and Sunrise Skillet. If these fundraisers succeed, Miller Diversified hopes to add campaigns in the future, as quickly as possible to bring relief to those in need at this time.

“We want to do our part by helping those businesses and individuals that are struggling financially,” said Kurt Miller, CEO of Miller Diversified. “Miller Diversified is celebrating its 100th year in business and launched a campaign of 100 acts of kindness to reinforce our company’s purpose of building value across generations. We can help these individuals and businesses build into their next generation by providing financial assistance to those whose income is generated by tips.”

Dean said he wanted “to show gratitude for the people that take care of us day in and day out in a way that gives us the quality of life we sometimes take for granted.”

“We believe this fundraising initiative, while limited in scope right now, could be expanded to help an increasing number of individuals that are in need,” Miller added.

The Miller team is gathering support from other members of the community, and has plans to create a model that could be expanded as quickly as possible to other local restaurants in other area codes.

“For Tip Jar 419, I used our regional area code, with the idea that this concept could be utilized by anyone, anywhere, simply by using our model and switching out the area code,” Dean said. “I am already working with family and friends in other areas, who will pay it forward by starting campaigns of their own, which will be named after their respective area codes.”

Other businesses have already shown an interest in launching digital tip jars of their own. Fairway Mortgage Company is in the process of launching tip jars for Kotobuki and Georgio’s Grill in Sylvania. The Miller Diversified team is very excited that this initiative has already garnered so much interest, and hopes the community will rise to the occasion to support our friends and neighbors in their time of need.