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Miller Diversified Celebrates 100 Years In Business

Miller Diversified celebrates a century in business.

Miller Diversified Celebrates 100 Years In Business

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In 2020, Miller Diversified is proud to announce that we will be celebrating our 100th year of business. We’ve already been shooting jokes back and forth around the office about how great we look for our age (if we do say so ourselves). That said, an abundance of wisecracking Miller humor isn’t all you can expect from us this year.

This 100th year marks a truly exciting milestone in our company’s history and we plan on celebrating accordingly. Here are some of the things we are doing this year to kick off another 100 years.

We’ve just enjoyed a successful inaugural year for the Miller Investment Fund, delivering the targeted 6% quarterly cash dividend to our investors. This fund is unique because investors can either contribute capital, or they can contribute a building they own in exchange for shares equal to their equity. In contributing a building, investors can also defer their capital gains tax. We are really proud of this investment concept, brought to life by a team of advisors and fund managers who are as sharp as they come. This initiative is yet another diversification for our business, and one we are really proud to make in the context of a long history of diversification.

Right or wrong, we typically aren’t the type to celebrate our successes. When we enjoy a win, we take a momentary step back, give a nod, then move onto our next big project. It’s how we are wired. Still, we realized as we reflected on the last century that we owe it to ourselves and our forefathers to take a moment to celebrate this milestone. We are standing on the shoulders of the incredible men and women who came before us, and that deserves more than just a nod. This year, we’ll be telling stories, hosting gatherings to celebrate, and taking a step back to appreciate this hard-won achievement. We hope you’ll join us.

We are at a loss to show just how deeply grateful we are to our community for supporting us over the years. For our anniversary year, we’ve decided to perform 100 random acts of kindness, in the hopes that we can make even the smallest impact in a community that has given us so much. Learn more about our 100 acts of kindness here.

We will be hosting a number of events over the next year to celebrate this momentous occasion, and we hope you will join us. Sign up to stay informed about events, our progress on our acts of kindness campaign, and more.

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