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Historic St. Joseph Church Renovations

Our commercial construction team has completed many renovation projects for historic buildings and places, such as historic St. Joseph Church.

Historic St. Joseph Church Renovations

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Miller Diversified Construction recently completed commercial construction renovations on a historic downtown Toledo church. St. Joseph Parish started out as a small brick church building that was shared with another church group in 1854. In 1870, the Parish purchased some land on Erie Street, and a building was finished by 1878. Later, a second building to be used as a school was erected. Over the years, the buildings underwent many changes including additions, renovations, and repairs after a fire in 1920. Prior to the recent renovations by Miller Diversified, the last major renovations were done in 1957.


At present, the two buildings remain and are full of history:

  • The main church building still houses the 1957 oak pews for the nave and the choir. The present seating capacity in the nave of the Church is 322.
  • It also contains a Schantz Pipe organ that was installed in the Church in 1954.
  • Many original statues remain as well. The statue of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Saint John the Evangelist are dated 1878.
  • The annex building, know as the “Sacred Heart”, is connected by to the main church building by an overhead breezeway
  • In the bell tower hang 11 bells dating back to 1881.