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Foundation Before Foundation: The Preconstruction Game Plan

foundations of preconstruction

Foundation Before Foundation: The Preconstruction Game Plan

Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes

Foundations of Construction

At Miller Diversified Construction, we follow the mantra “foundation before foundation.” That’s right — we’re talking about the art and science of preconstruction, the phase where we set the stage for success long before the foundation is laid.  

So what is Preconstruction, anyway? 

Think big picture, all planned out, down to the smallest detail. It’s where we sit down and hash out everything — from what your dream project looks like to crunching those numbers to make sure we don’t break the bank. It’s about dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s, and making sure we’re all singing from the same hymnal. There is a lot of coffee, a lot of decision-making, and a lot of laying strong foundations.  

Here’s how this process usually flows: 

1. Dream Big, Plan Bigger 

First,we talk about your vision. This isn’t just about building walls and roofs; it’s about understanding your goals, your business needs, and how this project is going to take you to the next level. Miller Diversified Construction is all ears, ready to listen, advise, and turn your ideas into an actionable blueprint.  

2. No Surprises Here 

Jumping into a project without checking the lay of the land? Not on our watch! We’re here to dig deep (pun intended) into site analyses, environmental checks, and any potential hiccup that could throw a wrench into the works. It’s all about smoothing out the bumps before we even get started. 

3. Preconstruction Budgeting Without Tears 

Money talks, and we’re here to make sure it’s speaking your language. Our preconstruction phase zeroes in on giving you a crystal-clear picture of costs, from the big-ticket items right down to the nitty-gritty. This helps us avoid surprises down the line. Even the best-laid plans can come with twists and turns, but we believe the key to protecting your budget is through meticulous planning. 

4. Design Meets Reality 

Got grand designs? Great! Our job is to make sure they’re not only beautiful but doable and affordable. We bring together architects, engineers, and your wishlist to support a design that’s as practical as it is eye-catching. Our aim is to assist the experts in the room by advising on what’s feasible, and we are even often able to identify opportunities to save money.  

5. Timelines and Shopping Lists 

Nothing says ‘organized’ like a clearly-defined schedule and a sharp procurement strategy. We’re talking about setting up timelines that can actually work and finding the best deals out there for the materials we need. Efficiency is our middle name, and we’re here to keep everything on track, on time, and on budget. 

Wrapping It Up 

So, before we even think about pouring that foundation, let’s get the really important groundwork done first. Preconstruction is where the most important planning happens, and Miller Diversified Construction is here to make that plan work for you. Ready to start your construction journey on the right foot? Let’s talk “foundation before foundation”. Drop us a line to learn more about the Miller Diversified difference.