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5 Easy Hacks for a Thriving Commercial Property

managing your commercial property

5 Easy Hacks for a Thriving Commercial Property

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Commercial property ownership hacks

As a commercial property owner, you know maintaining a healthy building is crucial. But let’s face it, carving out large chunks of time for renovations and managing your commercial property can be tough.

The good news is, big improvements can come from small, easy changes in your approach to managing your commercial property.

Here are 5 hacks you can implement right now to make a significant impact on your property: 

1. Become the Master of Organization:

A well-organized owner is a proactive and effective owner. Create a detailed calendar outlining key dates. Mark deadlines for lease renewals, fire alarm inspections, elevator maintenance, and filter changes. This proactive approach prevents last-minute scrambles and ensures preventative measures are taken on time.


2. Embrace Digital Tools For Managing Your Commercial Property:

Technology exists to make your life easier! Utilize property management software to track tenant information, maintenance requests, and lease expiration dates. Many softwares offer automatic reminders and reporting features, freeing you from manual data entry and keeping you on top of everything. You can also consider using AI to generate content such as written tenant communications or take notes during recorded meetings to improve your efficiency. 


3. Foster Tenant Communication:

Happy tenants are key to a healthy building. Establish clear communication channels with your tenants. You don’t have create a newsletter, but you’ll find that you will save a lot of time by giving your tenants a preferred communication path, instead of fielding emails, phone calls, form fill outs, smoke signals and more. A lot of times, all it takes is just letting tenants know the best way to contact you, and reminding them to route communications through proper channels when they forget.


4. Streamline Tenant Onboarding:

First impressions stick! Develop a smooth onboarding process for new tenants. Your process doesn’t need to be fancy… but you might be surprised how much it helps to simply write it down. You’ll decrease memory load and stress every time you onboard AND you’ll be able to improve that process over time every time you use it.


5. Leverage Tenant Feedback:

Your tenants are a valuable resource. Send them a survey. It seems simple, but you might be surprised at the valuable information you’ll glean by asking a few simple questions. The people who use your building on the daily are your eyes and ears. Jump at the chance to learn what they know, in case it helps you spot trouble (read: unexpected maintenance) on the horizon. 


In Summary 

By focusing on organization, leveraging technology, and fostering communication, you can make a big difference in the overall health of your commercial property. These easy tricks require minimal time investment but can yield significant improvements for your property and your tenants. 

Not loving the idea of spending more time on managing your commercial property?  Feeling ready to take your property to the next level? Our team can help. Miller Diversified Property Management offers a range of services to help you implement these strategies and optimize your commercial property’s success.